Monday, August 4, 2008

Billboards and Roadblocks: Traditional Outdoor Inspired By Internet Advertising

Jugular, our ad agency, is on 39th Street, three blocks from Times Square. But I haven't been out much of late because we've been preoccupied with a new internet advertising account where we've been creating banners of all shapes and sizes. Recently, we sent one our interns out to document the current state of outdoor advertising at the heart of the universe where the ball drops and guess what we found? Billboard and wallscape advertising patterned after internet banners....specifically roadblocks where two or more internet ads of various sizes combine to form a unit which dominates the screen...hence, of course the very witty name. So, here's an example of a Discovery Channel wallscape for Mythbusters done internet style. A screen capture of an actual Mythbusters internet roadblock follows...which combines a horizontal and a skyscraper unit to capture more space (and therefore more attention) on the very small scale of the computer screen. Of course, the internet roadblock has a whole host of interactive games, videos and more. But, fundamentally these units are startlingly similar in concept, don't you think?

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Tara Sybrant said...

I am just getting ready to launch my first "roadblock" next month- any advice? I am trying to decide between consistent messaging or a diverse set of messages....

Scott Lackey said...

Hi Tara...

Thanks for your question. Sorry I didn't get back to you faster...I've been away on business to LA.

Whatever you do...always do "consistent" messaging...even if you do more than one roadblock.

If it's a question of how many roadblocks to do...that's dependent on on the number of impressions your buy is going to deliver. If it's a big buy...for sure develop multiple executions so your messages don't wear out--especially if there are a high number of repeat visitors to the site in a short period of time.

If you'd like to talk further...leave me your business number on my email and I'll give you a call.