Thursday, August 7, 2008

Billboard Roadblocks: More Internet Roadblock Inspired Outdoor Boards

I'm coining a new name called Billboard Roadblocks for traditional multiple panel outdoor ads. Billboard Roadblocks. Please start using it as often as possible, and we'll start a trend. Jugular has just finished one of our extensive reviews of billboard ad space in New York and have discovered, as mentioned in the previous post, this new phenomenon of using multiple billboards in the same style as internet billboards. The first image, taken from a video game Red Alert 3, is another example of how to take over an internet page with adjoining units. The following two images show just how this same method is being applied to traditional outdoor billboards: the fabulous Wamu Theater guitar (the best example of a Billboard Roadblock, we think) and the impossible to miss MVP billboards from the Soap Opera Network. And guessed from Times Square. Stop by now to see them. (Thanks for the photos to Katie the intern).

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