Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Pharmaceutical Ads Ever: AmbienCR But A Huge Viral Opportunity is Missed

Oh my...I just saw a HUGE home run...someone has finally done something just great in the wonderful world of terrible pharma advertising. I'm jealous...I wish we at Jugular had done it. The premise is simple...annoying sounds wake people up...they go in search of the sound and find a rooster that, ironically, creates the wake up sound by calling, using a hair dryer, playing basketball, etc. etc. Essentially diverted roosters misled by modern devices before dawn (great theme...almost Hitchcockian) As you see the ads are signed off with the sanofi aventis logo appearing on them. Brilliant. The spots are on the website and YouTube. BUT YouTube is DISABLED so you can't insert them in blogs like this one. HUGE MISTAKE. This is going to be big and could be so much bigger if you just let it be viral to the extreme. (Or is there an FDA problem with doing this?). Please clients set this free. You'll be glad you did. Otherwise, as you see, I'm relegated to screen captures...which don't cut it.

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