Thursday, August 14, 2008

Heineken Street Marketing and Product Sampling in New York City: Free Beer.

OK Heineken Light I'm impressed... at about 2 PM got an call from an excited advertising friend out for a lunch hour walk in front of Grand Central. "Heineken Light is handing out beer on the street." We both agreed that it was pretty incredible to set up a bar on a heavily trafficked sidewalk in New York at midday. Impressive ability to obtain permits. And a big idea...combining street marketing and product sampling of beer. Surprised there isn't more activity...let's hope it's still up there after work. I'd like to see a better themeline than "Share the good" and a more provocative street bar...but kudos for a good idea. Now...will we be able to drink free beers throughout NYC? Just got a final communications from my street correspondent in response to my question about the size of the sample cups. "They only had small cups...I had two." (Thanks to him for the instant Blackberry pictures, by the way).

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Health Articles said...

I am sure free beer wil attract lot of eye balls.

Wendy Tatum said...

Have you New York ad people replaced the two martini lunch with sipping beer on the sidewalk? Sounds good to me.

Scott Lackey said...

Hey Wendy:

Thanks for stopping by. The two martini lunch left us sometime in the 80's. Now we're lucky to get to Starbucks across the street. Or a 3 oz sample of Heineken Light from street samplers.

Separately, I do love all the alcohol in the office of Mad Men. Constant swigging on scotch and chain smoking. Hyperbolic but true.