Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nike TV Spot "Need Motivation" for the new Nike Plus running shoe.

Ok...much anticipated and here it is...Crispin Porter + Bogusky's first work for Nike. I've just watched it three times. Certainly an over the top look at the world of the Nike Plus running shoe. A cast of hundreds spanning centuries. And an enormous budget. My initial impression is that it's overblown. A simpler more singleminded idea might have worked better. I'll take Quicksilver's "Dynamite Surfing" anytime over this (see my October posts). But...let's wait for the :30...should correct much of the self indulgence here. And...the false ending with the title card "Need Motivation" followed by the Nike Plus team breaking the glass (Apple 1984ish) is very cool. Breaks on Grey's Anatomy tonight. Then lots of MTV and NFL football. Just remember a key audience, as it always is these days, is viral. That's where this will do best. Let's measure it in two weeks.

Upate on December 19th. I've gotten a lot of visitors googling for the director's name or the names of the music tracks. If you'd like to know more about all the credits for everyone involved take a look at the December 19th entry above.


Sanderson said...

You are right about overblown. I would also add lacking in story and failing to meet its objective of encouraging runners to use Nike product: Hollywood film montage followed by a depressing dude at the gym followed by a bunch of central casting extras dashing through a plate glass window does not add anything to the brand. This took 8 months? Sad.

Anonymous said...

It's a magnificent ad. I find the last 15 seconds, from window on, superfluous. Guy in gym is odd, too; he needed to be dignified somehow, maybe.

Still this is going to get a lot of love. It deserves a lot of love. The woman with the bow chasing the deer, in the forest on the green grass, that's incredible imagery.

You can yak negatively if you like, but what is there is certainly substantial, and will generate interest.

Berlin said...

Some of that film footage is nice...Who directed? But the ad itself is choppy and totally falls apart at the end where it is, as Adweek pointed out, a lot like "an infomercial." Definitely not an improvement on Wieden work.