Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Interactive Environmental Christmas Card from Wieden and Kennedy, London.

This is just a great interactive Christmas card from ad agency Wieden + Kennedy London. Based on a green initiative you can name your own tree, plant it and pump three buckets of water into it (don't give up even though you're almost ready to). At that point you can start decorating it with the tons of different ornaments you can see on the screen capture. The catch...to add more ornaments and lights you have to grow it by returning every day to water your tree at which point your entry will get bigger. Mine, no surprise, is scottstree. I started out traditional but I have great plans. The counter shows how many people have planted trees in what ultimately should become an intriguing forest (competitive one too, given the sites's sponsors).

Good stuff. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Eamon said...


This is a great site.

Was just wondering if you would like to exchange links. My website is about advertising and media, creative-thinking, arts and entertainment.


If not, sorry to bother you.


lolitad said...

You can find Fresh Enviromental Designs, Concepts and Ideas on my blog! Just visit it once and you will see how many interesting things about environment you can find.

Website counters said...
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sermad said...

We've just made the 2008 card - Come down to london to try it.


Scott Lackey said...


Thanks so much for sending on the 2008 New Wieden Kennedy London Christmas/Holiday card link.

Took a quick look...love it. I'll do a post. You guys do great interactive card.

sermad said...

Hi Scott - Here is our new agency card - http://www.wkadventcalendar.com/

See the W+K London blog for more behind the scenes.