Saturday, December 1, 2007

Law & Order Criminal Intent Programming Strategy of New USA Shows and Local Syndication Going Gangbusters.

This is another example of just how the world of network domination is crumbling. Soon...shows will move directly to the internet and skip cable. I love Law & Order Criminal Intent so I'm overjoyed that Dick Wolf and NBC moved the show to USA Network with all new episodes every Thursday night at 10 PM (at least as long as the new shows last before the writer's strike takes its toll). Ironically, in an amazing reversal, reruns may appear on NBC at some point down the road. More impressive, because the show runs on cable now, NBC Universal decided to sell the show into local station by station syndication for old episodes. The result has been a ratings bonanza, recently attracting 2 million viewers/week in syndication...with enormous strength in the women 18-52 audience (thanks to Vincent D'Onofrio, love the way he cocks his head and looks distant, and Chris Noth).


SnarkAngel said...

I'll bet if demographics were even more revealing, we'd find out that LOCI's (Vincent's) appeal is ALSO particularly impressive among gay men . . . the guy is just plain HOT!

peter said...

It is possible, according to Google, to disable this new feature, via the preferences page. They are also keen to point out that Google Suggest is not the same as a user’s personal search history, something which will, no doubt, confuse some less web-savvy users in the weeks to come.