Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HBO's Big Love Advertising and Promotion Goes Underground and Innovative.

HBO's great show, Big Love, set to return on January 18th, 2009 for its third season, has furthered its reach in the Times Square spectacular world by going underground with an innovative approach to posters. HBO has bought every--yes every-- poster that spans the tunnel which runs between Times Square and The Port Authority Bus Terminal.

The posters are unique because you can plug headphones into the people portrayed on the poster and listen to their secrets, an allusion to the governing story line that HBO is focusing on in positioning Big Love as a show about "secrets." (That association is a bit tenuous for my taste in this advertising).

It's a fun approach, these audio posters. If people figure out what you're doing and know to plug in. And, ironically (if you're into numerology), there are exactly 42 posters running side by side. A subtle tie into the 42nd St and Times Square station? Or am I over-reaching?

HBO is going to get a lot of credit for innovativeness here. The real trick is 1.) making the technology work 2.) making sure to tell people clearly to plug in and 3.) finding enough room during rush hours to listen. Does it matter... or is the PR what it's all about?

For a look at the wide range of above ground Big Love posters and billboards and a further analysis of the campaign see Cable Marketing

Times Square is becoming a breeding ground for innovative new campaigns from high profile clients. See what Pepsi is Doing with their Refresh Everything campaign here

What do you think?

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Copter said...

I've been seeing Big Love ads everywhere! Some really creative ones this morning. Check out my post on them at

Scott Lackey said...


Thanks so much for the comment and the link on your blog. Yes...there's a lot of innovative promotion out there.

Love your recreation of the thought bubble on your blog.

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