Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motrin Attacks Moms and Child Carriers: Twitter Users Fight Back.

Why, oh why, would you take on Moms and their babies in an online spot about child carriers? All to sell Motrin. No, not good...not good at all.

As of last night, Motrin was the #1 searched story on Twitter, bumping SNL for the first time since the election. Moms and more (including me) expressed outrage. Viral attacks are spreading.

Poor production values with cheap and uninspired graphics that mimic a training video--only add insult to injury.

At 11 PM EST Sunday, Nov, 16 the Motrin site is down. Due to volume of traffic? Strangely-enough the spot looks more like the quick, inexpensively assembled crisis management spots for Tylenol years ago. Now, we have a advertising-inspired crisis. Ironically, Motrin needs crisis management. Pronto.


Jennifer said...

Yes, not a good move. I still (very occasionally) wear my 37-pound preschooler on my back and I am in no need of Motrin, even though he is more than one third my weight now. Perhaps it does make me crazy. Oh well.

Scott Lackey said...

Jennifer...always good to hear from you. 37 lbs on your back without a need for Motrin (although you do seem a bit undecided)...impressive.