Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Macy's 2008 Thanksgiving Day Parade Behind the Scenes Preparations in New York

1 PM Wed, 11/26 Macy's Herald Square is in serious behind the scenes preparation mode two blocks from our office and the entire area from 34th St to 35th on Broadway is abuzz with floodlights, spots and monitors for the performers and even fake autumnal trees with gorgeous golden and red leaves. Tremendous sense of energy. The six incredible holiday/Christmas windows only add to the general sense of merriment.

Again...why write about a parade on "The New Advertising"? Because it started in 1924 and has contributed enormously to Macy's brand reputation. What's the foremost reason Macy's gets so much out of town traffic? This is the original grandaddy of sponsorships...driven even further by the advent of television which took it nationwide. Now the internet makes it even more viral.

Getting the announcer booth ready. See: backlights behind anchors who will face forward. Teleprompter. Fake trees.

Wider camera set up shot. Color bar test!

Soon these will be up!'s what's coming this afternoon on the Upper West Side. Inflation that's fun...not financial.

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