Saturday, November 15, 2008

Word Train for 2008 Presidential Election from New York Times Website.

Forget slick anchors manipulating touch screens. This was the most addictive coverage I saw during the election. It's called a Word Train and it appeared on the New York Times Website. You were asked to enter one word to describe your state of mind about the election at that specific time. The 5 PM Tues., Nov. 4th screen above consolidated all emotions, irregardless of party...with the biggest words being the most frequently submitted.

Even more fascinating... look at the results split by party (as self-identified by the user). Now I remind you this is at 5 PM before any results were in. Look at the common anxiety in both camps, but the underlying optimism for Obama and the underlying negativity for McCain. Foretold the election...didn't it?

Here's the final 1 AM New York Times results, still in motion. What one word describes your current state of mind?

I'm studying interactivity right now and am very interested in watching this technology migrate to television screens where you can just text in your feelings with a mobile phone. We'll be there sooner than you think.

Have any of you seen this elsewhere? Please let me know.

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