Sunday, November 23, 2008

Macy's Herald Square Christmas/Holiday Windows for 2008 in New York City/NYC

I'm officially excited. Macy's 2008 Christmas/Holiday windows in Herald Square, New York City were unveiled at 6:30 PM Sunday 11/23. The windows facing Broadway between 34th and 35th St premiered. So...why the big fuss on a site labeled "The New Advertising." First, and most important, this year (I hope, I hope they work well) the windows will be interactive. And second, windows are one of the oldest forms of outdoor advertising. If you build the windows, they will come to the store...and hopefully buy. That's particularly important this year.

Here's a good overview (and most important the best existing film images and sound so far) of the Broadway windows.

Here's a great view of all the Macy's windows on Broadway, (through 2:03) and the annual "Miracle on Thirty-Fourth Street widows on, of course, 34th Street (remainder of video).

What are the two big things to know now that I've taken a close look for a couple days? The theme is "Believe", and it's played out consistently and elegantly. There are several touch pads (as referenced in the AdAge video above). A touch pad outside window 4 that moves "ingredients in a big arcade game" inside the display (24/7 for 6 weeks) is the grandest.

Here's a daytime look at the interactive devices. The scoop and crane weren't working quite right this AM...look carefully in the first shot and you'll see the guy in the window.

Here's a video of the same interactive window: (#4...just to right of front door on Broadway)

Here's a bit of copy that's hard to read due to a reflection that sets the theme of the display in window #1. Click on the visual to blow it up (like all of them).

Here's a piece of the VERY modern high-tech looking devices hidden throughout the windows.

More still nightshots are coming. After all I do have a day job, damn it.

When to go? Before 10 AM if you don't like crowds. Just before daybreak on a warmer winter day would be just spectacular.

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Anonymous said...

Saw them this morning, December 13th, before 10AM. BRRRR cold!!!! They were splendiferous!

Posted, now back at home, in Washington DC.

Scott Lackey said...

Thanks so much for your visit & comment.

The windows are absolutely remarkable.

But you must come right back and see them at n night. Super-splediferous!

Happy Holidays.



Anonymous said...

Do you know when the windows are removed each year. I am planning a visit the first of next January and hoped they would still me there.