Tuesday, October 28, 2008

YouTube Home Page Ads Are Huge.

YouTube has a new ad format which has been floating around for the last few months. I haven't really stumbled across it because I usually direct access videos. Take a look at these screen captures from an Apple iPod touch ad running tonight:

Sure...Google has to monetize their $1.6 billion dollar plus investment and pay for all the servers storing that video....but for my taste the format should be a bit more restrained. Less a horizontal 728 x 90 style banner size and more a rectangular 300 x 250 style size or something close.

This unit is too big. The hands in the Apple ad are life-sized and, in my experience shooting hands, they never look better bigger. What do you guys out there think. Weigh in.

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GolfAgency Staff said...

I think the bigger the hands, the small the unit looks. Isn't it their goal to make the ipod touch smaller? The bigger the advertisement, the more attention it will draw.

Scott Lackey said...

GolfAgencyStaff...thanks for writing. It's always great to get an opposing opinion.

My point really is that the ad and the % of the page it consumes is ungainly. Imagine picking up your daily newspaper (if you even do any more) and seeing an ad consuming half of the front page above the fold.

I think we've been conditioned by newspapers and television, especially, to expect "home-like" pages (even YouTube's) to be primarily editorial.

As for the hands...well I think the whole unit reduced proportionally by 25% would have made the same point. More subtly.

Have a great holiday.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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