Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pepsi "Refresh Everything" Times Square Billboards for New Years.

So...we decided to go for a lunchtime stroll up to a bumper-to-bumper Times Square filled with people and, across from MTV, found this remarkable collection of vinyl boards of all shapes and sizes for the new Pepsi "Refresh Everything" New Year's campaign. Take a look at these images shot this afternoon. Then imagine these posters translated to neon signs at night pulsating across a Pepsi takeover. Optimists unite! Pessimists desist!

And...just for a bit of the historical text, why not vote for a soda aligned with President Elect Barack Obama. And...I sense a Pepsi category exclusive on the inauguration. If you don't have it. I'd get it.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pepsi "Refresh Everything" Website and Video for New Years.

Please click image to enlarge

Pepsi has just launched part two of the "Refresh Everything" campaign which snuck out there quietly via wild postings (a story we first broke here) a couple weeks ago. There's a brand spanking new website refresheverything.com.

There's also a spot designed to break on New Year's Eve that will accompany a massive Times Square program.

All this is carried out with relentless optimism for the future...aimed squarely at the Optimistic Millenials identified by the Pepsi Optimism Project. They're the generation that, whenever we do research with them, expresses an enormous longing for the optimism of the sixties.They envy the generation's protest, music, dress, sexual mores and so much more. They believe they missed a critical period in relatively recent history. See a earlier blog post from The New Advertising on the 60's & 70's generation vs Pepsi's New Millennials.

So it's no surprise that the look of both the site and the video is 60's pop-art-like. Just take a look at Roy Lichenstein 1962 painting "Art"

You'll also see provision for a link to reach Times Square images...something we'll see more of.

I'll be back with some more thoughts. Wanted to get this post out since it's newsworthy and an important new campaign from a major advertiser and their new agency TBWA Chiat/Day.

Update: here are many more details on the New Year's Eve program including the Times Square domination program. Electronic signs with the words from the spot, IM'ing camera phone examples of personal "optimism" for potential inclusion in MTV/Pepsi video (used first that I know in U2's Vertigo tour where audience shots were included on the video screens). From yesterday's AdAge.com or a similar story in Adrant.

Please leave me your contact info if you have any further information about the campaign.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Five Predictions for 2009 from Daisy Whitney on the New Media Minute.

Wondering what's on the horizon in the new year? Never fear, the five predictions for 2009 are here. From the New Media Minute, keep an eye on mobile phones, Netflix, international Web distribution, George from Grey’s and a newly formed army of cord-cutters.

Daisy Whitney is a noted new media expert who writes for TVWeek, and numerous other publications. She also produces podcasts and the New Media Minute (which will return here the first week of January '09).

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Barack Obama Disappears from Twitter.

Daisy Whitney got me started on this one in a TVWeek Post:

Here's some more detail. Barack Obama bowed out of this Twitter campaign site the afernoon after he was elected. I don't know if he ever posted an alternative. Never a good idea to abandon an audience in the middle of the program.

Even if it's not presidentially permissible...extend communications and move to a new site/blog/etc. (And no dead links please). Yes, you're busy...but have your people take it down David Axelrod.

I hope back...I strongly believe he will be back in some progressive online form (beyond YouTube speeches) around the Inauguration. Watch! Let's see.

Final 2 Twitter posts at BarackObama.

We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks

2:34 PM Nov 5th from web
Asking you to help Get Out the Vote in these last few critical hours of our campaign for change. Visit http://my.barackobama.com/f... 5:42 PM Nov 4th from web


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Online Video Startups To Watch for 2009. Daisy Whitney's Picks.

What are the five online video startups you should keep your eye on in 2009? In this week’s edition of the New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney shares her five picks for companies to watch in the year ahead. They are video site MyDamnChannel.com, measurement service Quantcast, technology firm Kaltura for online videos, how-to service 5min.com and convergence software service Boxee.tv. For all the details, check out the New Media Minute immediately below.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Pepsi Campaign Creative from TBWA Chiat Day: Outdoor Ads 12/15/08.

Click on image to enlarge.

"refresh everything".

30th on the corner of 8th.

Take a gander...tell me what you think.

Pepsi is aiming this at the Optimist psychographic (and was generated by the Pepsi Optimism Project). "Change" is an important part of their thinking. (And, where else did we hear the "change" word?

To read more check out "Pepsi Embraces 'Optimistic Millenials' in New TBWA Work in AdAge" (Linking is down, unfortunately. I'll put it up later. For now, Google it)

I want to see the whole campaign...not just NYC posters.

Work calls

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chris Brogan's Sponsored/Paid Blog Post for Kmart.

Chris Brogan recently completed a sponsored blog post for Kmart. Take a look at the post at Dad-O-Matic

I admire Chris Brogan and follow him actively on Twitter and his blog. He is generous and helpful to everyone…and religiously follows the Twitter ethic of “I won’t spam you but I’ll help you out.” He’s smart, honest, and spends tremendous time to help people.

But, I think he’s taken a misstep here. Hang in there. This isn't an attack on Chris, but a suggestion for everyone (Chris-style) of how to approach paid blog posts.

A respected brand is a precious thing, and Chris is a very respected (and valuable) brand in the social media universe. Is this withdrawal from the brand bank worth it? Well he’s commented that this is an "experiment" in monetizing social media. He has every right to trial ideas. But was the "experiment" with the right client in the right environment…I don”t think so. Usually celebrity spokespeople (and that’s what we have here) should, ideally, be expert in the field. Here that field is evaluating retail store offers. Is Chris really qualified? Or is being a parent enough?

My problem is in the Kmart piece he seems to have lost his voice. The smart, considered Chris Brogan is struggling to find a voice to match the assignment. Too much shilling–not enough of the very smart, helpful objectivity I’m used to. Ironically, he’s out of his domain.

Does Chris ever write/blog from Starbucks? I'd love to see a sponsored blog post about that. Less forced. A more natural relationship. Lots of chances for fun. And a view of what he likes to order...and what he doesn't. Realistic. Fun. Likely effective.

A better--more believable story. Better marketing, in my opinion.

Here's an ideal example of sponsorship working well (albeit at a high level). I’d look to U2’s Vertigo TV spot for Apple itunes. U2 adamantly refuses to do spots to protect their very carefully crafted brand. But iTunes was a perfect opportunity. Tie into a very cool custom product (and a pre-loaded U2 black iPod). And then just perform Vertigo beautifully shot and produced as an association with itunes. Great promo for both brands. You don't have to be U2 to follow the model.

Chris…you deserve much, much better. Try it again. Choose a better sponsor. I have some thoughts. Tweet me up @scottlackey.

I'm expecting controversy. Let me know what you think. I answer all comments unless they're links to "How to Become and Internet Millionaire in 7 Days". Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New, Improved Nude Jennifer Aniston: Her Marketing & Promotion War

R: Warning. Most Appropriate for people 18+


Jennifer Aniston is turning up the volume in her marketing war with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the January issue of GQ appearing on newstands December 23rd. She's reinventing herself Madonna-style. And, as a side benefit, of course, she's promoting Marley & Me.

And...she's definitely moving away from the Friends-era, America's favorite girl next store to the 40-something sexy, semi nude positioning. Sexy Jen. The Jennifer is how old and so hot marketing positioning? (39 now, 40 on February 11th.) With a lot of help from her Photoshop friends.

Jen (and yes...she looks great...not suble but great) has just launched a major imagery offensive on multiple fronts. There's the Jen goes patriotic semi-nude in GQ, Jen goes classy in Vogue, and Jen goes really gauze topless in her new illegal fan created 2009 Jennifer Aniston calendar (Ms. November 2009).

Funny thing about the illegal calendar shot is that it's from an '04 or '05 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue--and if she's going to take off her clothes...there's no physical consistency. Oh well. She does look good though. Depends on whether you like the thin Jen or the zaftig Jen or the Photoshopped Jen. But, even if illegal, the PR value was achieved, smoking the net this week.

The targets are many: 1.) Brad & Angelina 2.) John Mayer 3.) Holiday moviegoers for Marley & Me (looks like a return to Janiston the good girl) 4.) A denial of turning 40 February 11 2009.

Today, she's firmly established herself as The Queen of the Cougars. At least it's a clear brand positioning like "Change you Can Believe In."

What's next...a truly nude chain-smoking shot?

She's running out of shock-them runway. Or...is this her last hurrah?

Nude movie stars sell mags and promote movies. For massive proof start right here by taking a look at this compendium of salacious magazine covers at New York Daily News website. 62 pages of stars...it's a walk down the semi-nudie celeb mag cover hall of fame--from Janet Jackson to Demi Moore preggers. Watch out though...the link (and covers) are very addictive.

Visuals via GQ magazine and Vogue.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daisy Whitney's "New Media Minute": Personalized Online Video Tailored to Viewer's Tastes.

What if online video was more like Amazon or Netflix? Imagine video-centric sites like Hulu or NBC.com actively recommending videos just for you…The future of online programming could get a lot more personalized as video sites develop the brains to predict and serve up shows tailored for an individual viewer’s tastes, according to a Forrester analyst. For details on what this future might look like, check out this week’s edition of the New Media Minute. You’ll also hear from YouTube documentarian Chuck Potter about what it takes to be a Web star.

You can follow Daisy on Twitter (Twitter.com/DaisyWhitney).

Welcome to The New Advertising, Daisy...great to have you here.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The New Interactive, Personalized Christmas Card from Wieden + Kennedy London for 2008.

Wieden+Kennedy London has just released a brand, spanking new interactive, personalizable Christmas/Holiday card. It's called The Christmas Card Factory, and it's just fabulous.

Take a look for yourself at the Christmas Card Making Machine

Thanks to my blogger friend Sermad who is a WK London Planner for sending it along with an invitation:
"We've just made the 2008 card - Come down to london to try it." Ha...I wish.

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