Monday, December 15, 2008

New Pepsi Campaign Creative from TBWA Chiat Day: Outdoor Ads 12/15/08.

Click on image to enlarge.

"refresh everything".

30th on the corner of 8th.

Take a gander...tell me what you think.

Pepsi is aiming this at the Optimist psychographic (and was generated by the Pepsi Optimism Project). "Change" is an important part of their thinking. (And, where else did we hear the "change" word?

To read more check out "Pepsi Embraces 'Optimistic Millenials' in New TBWA Work in AdAge" (Linking is down, unfortunately. I'll put it up later. For now, Google it)

I want to see the whole campaign...not just NYC posters.

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M.Ismail said...

Nice and eye catching!

Scott Vandenbroucke said...

Very cool to see how Pepsi has moved through this change. Their campaign now sports their logo in every word that has a letter O.
They have recently had a huge increase in advertising placement in Chicago to reinforce this change. Check it out.