Monday, December 29, 2008

Pepsi "Refresh Everything" Website and Video for New Years.

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Pepsi has just launched part two of the "Refresh Everything" campaign which snuck out there quietly via wild postings (a story we first broke here) a couple weeks ago. There's a brand spanking new website

There's also a spot designed to break on New Year's Eve that will accompany a massive Times Square program.

All this is carried out with relentless optimism for the future...aimed squarely at the Optimistic Millenials identified by the Pepsi Optimism Project. They're the generation that, whenever we do research with them, expresses an enormous longing for the optimism of the sixties.They envy the generation's protest, music, dress, sexual mores and so much more. They believe they missed a critical period in relatively recent history. See a earlier blog post from The New Advertising on the 60's & 70's generation vs Pepsi's New Millennials.

So it's no surprise that the look of both the site and the video is 60's pop-art-like. Just take a look at Roy Lichenstein 1962 painting "Art"

You'll also see provision for a link to reach Times Square images...something we'll see more of.

I'll be back with some more thoughts. Wanted to get this post out since it's newsworthy and an important new campaign from a major advertiser and their new agency TBWA Chiat/Day.

Update: here are many more details on the New Year's Eve program including the Times Square domination program. Electronic signs with the words from the spot, IM'ing camera phone examples of personal "optimism" for potential inclusion in MTV/Pepsi video (used first that I know in U2's Vertigo tour where audience shots were included on the video screens). From yesterday's or a similar story in Adrant.

Please leave me your contact info if you have any further information about the campaign.

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