Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New, Improved Nude Jennifer Aniston: Her Marketing & Promotion War

R: Warning. Most Appropriate for people 18+


Jennifer Aniston is turning up the volume in her marketing war with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the January issue of GQ appearing on newstands December 23rd. She's reinventing herself Madonna-style. And, as a side benefit, of course, she's promoting Marley & Me.

And...she's definitely moving away from the Friends-era, America's favorite girl next store to the 40-something sexy, semi nude positioning. Sexy Jen. The Jennifer is how old and so hot marketing positioning? (39 now, 40 on February 11th.) With a lot of help from her Photoshop friends.

Jen (and yes...she looks great...not suble but great) has just launched a major imagery offensive on multiple fronts. There's the Jen goes patriotic semi-nude in GQ, Jen goes classy in Vogue, and Jen goes really gauze topless in her new illegal fan created 2009 Jennifer Aniston calendar (Ms. November 2009).

Funny thing about the illegal calendar shot is that it's from an '04 or '05 Vanity Fair Hollywood issue--and if she's going to take off her clothes...there's no physical consistency. Oh well. She does look good though. Depends on whether you like the thin Jen or the zaftig Jen or the Photoshopped Jen. But, even if illegal, the PR value was achieved, smoking the net this week.

The targets are many: 1.) Brad & Angelina 2.) John Mayer 3.) Holiday moviegoers for Marley & Me (looks like a return to Janiston the good girl) 4.) A denial of turning 40 February 11 2009.

Today, she's firmly established herself as The Queen of the Cougars. At least it's a clear brand positioning like "Change you Can Believe In."

What's next...a truly nude chain-smoking shot?

She's running out of shock-them runway. this her last hurrah?

Nude movie stars sell mags and promote movies. For massive proof start right here by taking a look at this compendium of salacious magazine covers at New York Daily News website. 62 pages of's a walk down the semi-nudie celeb mag cover hall of fame--from Janet Jackson to Demi Moore preggers. Watch out though...the link (and covers) are very addictive.

Visuals via GQ magazine and Vogue.

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Jennifer said...

Well, as a contemporary of Aniston's she gives me hope for forty, at least in the perception of it.

Scott Lackey said...

Hi Jennifer.

Thanks for stopping by. Like that perspective: JA=hope in some way.

Not how she's usually portrayed. think she'd like that.


Did you look at Daisy Whitney's NMM just below it.
If you don't mind...could you get her a comment? Would be interested in knowing what you think.

Thanks in advance & Happy Holidays (hopefully).

Anonymous said...
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