Friday, October 26, 2007

Lindsey Rumored To Enter "Don't Die Lindsey" Treatment Program

The ad below ran three weeks ago for a New Jersey addiction treatment center which offers the Prometa Protocols for alcohol, cocaine and methampetamine. What a strange ad story this is.

Today, Star Magazine "moles claimed that Lindsay is under the care of Matthew Torrington, M.D., medical director of the PROMETA Center, an outpatient clinic in Santa Monica specializing in treating alcohol, cocaine and metamphetamine (crystal meth) addictions that is at the forefront of a major controversy within the medical community."

“In my clinical experience, I have found the treatment to be very, very effective and an incredible aid to people who are suffering,” Dr. Torrington tells the weekly tab, “but the lack of accepted clinical testing, say some critics, raises many troubling questions about the PROMETA program.”

“At this time, there is no peer-reviewed research that has been done on the treatment,” David Kan, M.D., a substance-abuse expert at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco, spills to Star. “There is also no evidence to suggest it is productive.”

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