Thursday, October 18, 2007

Google Acquires Dodgeball, Jaiku and Zingku.

What's all this about now as Google continues their rampage through new acquisitions to build their dominance of new markets. Here are three small, related companies Google recently acquired and promises to collaborate with by providing engineering muscle.

Dodgeball allows cell phone users to know when their registered friends (and friends friends) are in the area via cellphone and online service.

Jaiku is a Finland-based pseudo-blog where people post AIM-away like message updates. Posts can be made online or via cell.

Zingku bills itself as a "supercharged mobile text and picture messaging service to easily send images, posts, flyers and polls."

These are very cool companies--all designed, in different ways, to further Google's expansion of its cellphone and IM communications both here in the US and in Europe. Much, much more on these companies, especially Dodgeball, and where Google appears to be going on coming up here in The New Advertising in the next few days.

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