Saturday, March 1, 2008

Color as a Fashion Advertising Strategy?

I was out to breakfast yesterday with a friend who is President of a New York City ad agency and we were trading stories. This time the topic was the ephemeral nature of fashion advertising and how a-rational it can be. He told me a story about a meeting with a fashion client to determine their new strategy moving forward. The client had a breakthrough moment and said "BLUE IS OUR NEW STRATEGY." Remember that's an ad not a merchandise strategy. all you out there. Is blue a strategy??


Azure Islands Designs said...

In fashion the consumer is swayed by what they see, if all they see is is what they will buy, which then makes blue a strategy! H

ThePinkSouffleGirl said...

Blue is the color of trust. So it depends on what the advertisement wants to communicate about. But using blue for fashion advertising is something new.