Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rock Music Marketing in Email Blasts from My Chemical Romance

I love the email text below in every imaginable way because it looks and feels like it's real, No corporate bs for this band. No carefully composed emails from their publicists. This is a real-world, down and dirty message from Mikey Way, my Chemical Romance's bass guitarist and younger brother of Gerard Way the group's lead singer. When it comes to English usage this is unbelievably off key...including the typos like "in released." But it's totally in keeping with the bands brand image: gritty, honest, down and dirty. Love it. Read'll have fun. I like MCR even though I've been told I'm too old for them. Forget that...they're a great band.

A Message From Mikey Way
My Chemical Romance to me
Mar 31 (3 days ago)


Hello to all,

The other day, I was given the new Drive By record by my dear friend Todd Price. For those of you who are unfamiliar , he sings and plays guitar in the band. I had been eagerly awaiting this record quite some time. Their initial release floored me. It's everything about music that I love. Amazing and honest rock songs. Todd has the uncanny knack to write the kind of chorus that I'm jealous. Upon listening to their record "A Delicate Situation" I was knocked on my ass once again, and I expected nothing less. If this band isn't gigantic by the end of the year, then there's no justice in the world.. On april 8th, " A Delicate Situation" in released and I recommend you all make a B line to the record store and grab one. The songs are sure to be ingrained in your skull for quite some time.



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