Friday, September 21, 2007

Who is Scott Lackey? And why visit another ad blog?

I'm particularly interested in iconoclastic, unpredictable advertising and communciations. Stuff that stands up, speaks loudly and demands notice. Old media is quickly dying and that new advertising, largely driven by the internet (read Google, You Tube, cell phone advertising), is redefining communications 24/7. At close to light speed.

So come visit us here. We'll rabble rouse and challenge...and, together, see if we can begin to identify where all this is going.

I'll work hard to provide ecumenical views.

Why listen? I'm the Co-Founder & Strategic Director of Jugular (, a New York City ad agency. I've worked in the ad business for over twenty years at big agencies like McCann Erickson and Y&R and small ones like LGFE and Grace & Rothschild.

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Vegetarian said...

Very exciting. I vote for a picture or something that really captures the zeitgeist of the new era--that would, after all, be appropriate for the image-driven nature of the new media that you describe.

On the other hand, something cute and fuzzy always gets a good reaction.

One of those cute lil' seals, perhaps.