Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pepsi Super Bowl 2009 Ad "Forever Young" Anthem Spot with Bob Dylan and Will i. am. Includes Video.

Great news! Pepsi has their mojo back. With quiet confidence they've hit one out of the park with their brand new 2009 Super Bowl spot. It's a then/now format built around a "Forever Young" mashup sung by Dylan and Will i. am. This is a great use of celebrity in the Pepsi tradition...upbeat and positive. Contrasting scenes and split screens cascade across the years from Vietnam to Iraq from lighters to mobile phones. Unlike so many other :60s in the game this one never dulls, as you're carried through a land of fantasy, optimism and the last 50 years of American culture. Pepsi accomplishes a hell of a lot here. They reclaim the Pepsi tradition, restore their celebrity culture, and preemptively reach out to capture the category. Kudos to Pepsi & TBWA Chiat Day. Cool.

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Zed said...

I appreciate you posting that, since I hate football so much I am not going to watch it just for the ads. That ad is really awesome. Everyone was a kid once: and you either drank coke or pepsi.
Of course, I drank...Royal Crown cola.

Cosine Jeremiah said...

While the ad does accomplish that which you say, I do not see it as being a success for Pepsi. I will not remember this ad as the Pepsi ad. I will remember it as "that ad with all the nostalgic stuff, and what was it advertising again?" Perhaps, however, if Pepsi capitalizes on the "Forever Young" theme in future comercials throughout 2009--commercials that are clearly advertising Pepsi while driving home "Forever Young"--then this ad has a chance of being useful for setting up the rest of the year.

betty said...

This is an amazing commercial. I especially loved the little boy and little girl greating their parent's home from the Iraq and Vietnam war's. What a Joy. I think this will help bring our generations closer together and hopefull create more peace in our world. Thump's up Pepsi. Great commercial.

Paul said...

Thanks for posting this. I am writing a college essay about advertising and this is a perfect example for a semiotic thesis. I is also a great commercial.