Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Spock People Search: Search Engine Market Segmentation.

I have a favorite new search engine in beta that you should try called Spock at http://www.spock.com. Dedicated to People Search it's even better than Google at providing virtually all the internet information available on a person (and frequently some visuals). From a marketing standpoint what's most important here to me is that Spock represents the fact that the search engine market has matured sufficiently that Google no longer will be the only game in town and that there will be room for very well executed segmented entries in vertical categories: like people. I've pulled part of the John McCain and Hillary Clinton pages so you can take a look at how Spock search results look (and the example seemed relevant given the Iowa caucuses on Thurs.) So search for your old boyfriends or girlfriends by name. Or search companies to see who works there (the site is great at turning up accurate Linked In entries). There's a user editorial system which you can read about if you're interested. But try it. It's January 1, 2008. and Spock represents the future of search.

I'm back from break, the lights are back on and I'm rarin' to go. Happy New Year. Keep those visits coming.

Oh, by the way...these are also my picks for the Presidential contenders in November. Never say I didn't call it early.

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Anonymous said...

Spock's OK, but nowhere near as good as http://www.yasni.com. That's some real technology there.